the REVOLUTION is now

The innovation of solutions lasers for beauty treatments.


CARESS is the first beauty laser device equipped with Artificial Intelligence: guaranteeing optimised treatments and a continuous dialogue with the operator. Thanks to exclusive Cloud technology, each CARESS Laser communicates with every other iTESLA machine installed, forming a unique smart network in the world.


The technology developed by ITESLA for CARESS offers the operator an unprecedented “assisted guide”: the handpiece “reads” the phototype of the treated area in every instant, calibrating the treatment’s intensity in real-time and communicating the direction and the speed to maintain as the treatment progresses to the operator. The display on the handpiece simplifies dialogue with the operator, through an essential and intuitive interface.



ITESLA machines are designed to enhance their performance over time, evolving with use.
All CARESS lasers are connected via an intelligent network, a unique “brain” in constant learning, which periodically updates the software on the individual machines. All ITESLA products are highly ergonomic, easily maintainable and offer an unparalleled balance of forms, which best expresses Italian Design. Laser CARESS is also designed to be a distinctive element inside beauty centres: its profile is a sign of elegance and technical excellence.

From hair removal to eliminating skin blemishes

Laser Caress offers a wide range of treatments in a single solution characterised by the elegance of a 100% Italian design.



The scalable technology of the CARESS Laser allows the use of two different wavelengths that can be finely mixed and calibrated: the phototype of each person has shades that escape the rigid classification into 6 categories; even the same person may have different needs in different areas of the body. ITESLA technology continuously monitors the treated area, calibrating, moment by moment, power, number and duration of pulses, with two great advantages. The treatments last the bare minimum while guaranteeing the best result on the market. Positioned on the handpiece, there is a second display that notifies the operator the correct forward speed to optimise the treatment.

In the case of high speed or slow activity, a vibration and an acoustic signal warn the operator, to guarantee an efficient treatment in compliance with the speed standard suggested by the handpiece. A sensor detects the phototype of the skin, automatically modulating the parameters to be used, calibrating the impulses concerning the area to be treated and the type of hair, simplifying the operator’s activity, guaranteeing tailor-made, effective and delicate treatments. Thanks to the TouchMe sensor, the laser is only activated when the tip of the handpiece is in contact with the skin. If contact with the dermis is lost, the laser automatically switches off. Likewise, the laser cuts off when it comes close to moles, and is only reactivated when it no longer detects their presence.


The network collects and analyses statistical pivots on the treatments provided.The analysis of such data allows a constant improvement of each machine’s performance. The system gains experience and returns its knowledge in the form of updates which, over time, making the treatments increasingly effective and less bothersome, giving the customer an increasingly pleasant experience.