FOUNDER/CEO Piero Perrotta

Creator and developer of numerous successful business ventures in the beauty sector. His activities include a Franchising operation that boasts over 90 beauty centres scattered throughout Italy: a significant reality for its economic, production and logistical expansion. Interest in the field of beauty training is also alive, concretised in the opening of a school with a highly professional specialisation.


ITESLA devices are rigorously and proudly conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy. ITESLA realises ambitious ideas by designing and producing innovative solutions through the development of new technologies to create unprecedented, easy to use, highly performing devices with a modern design.

ITESLA is an innovative start-up operating in the beauty sector. It specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of appliances for highly technological beauty treatments, developed applying the results of the bioengineering research of its team of experts.


Smart machines, the bet of the future

iTesla bets on the future by actively working in the era of cognitive systems, to create machines that feel, learn, reason and interact with beauty operators, to provide them with valid and pertinent suggestions and advice.

Safe treatments, experiences to relive.

iTesla believes that Smart Technology can support and facilitate the decision-making processes of its customers, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of machine performances and thus help end-users to obtain safe experiences and treatments.

Wellness and Beauty 4.0

ITesla believes that the introduction of Technology 4.0 in wellness centres, clinics and medical laboratories can and should revolutionise processes, improve professionals’ skills and abilities in the sector, overcoming traditional process gaps while providing faster, smarter and safer solutions.

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